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Who we are

GAP is an autonomous legal entity owned by the PIDG Trust, with a Board of Directors. Supported by the Executive Director, the Board provides a balance of technical skills and knowledge of the sector and region and is responsible for all investment decisions.

An Investment Adviser, EISER Infrastructure Partners LLP (EISER) offers investment analysis and initial screening of investment opportunities for the GAP Board. EISER also co-ordinates any due diligence required and presents its findings to the Board of GAP.

An incentive structure has been designed to ensure that the remuneration of EISER is aligned with the PIDG Members’ development priorities as well as delivering financial returns.

Developers, promoters or other interested parties who would like to investigate the potential for GAP involvement in a project should, in the first instance, make contact with EISER.


Peter Bird, Director
Jim Cohen, Chair
Peter Hutchinson, Executive Director
Godfrey Mwindaare, Director
James Neal, Director

Investment Adviser

Investment Adviser