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Investment Adviser

EISER Infrastructure Partners LLP (EISER) was appointed as Investment Advisers in July 2014 after an international competitive tender. EISER offer investment analysis and initial screening of investment opportunities, co-ordinate any due diligence required and present their findings to the GAP Board. An incentive structure has been designed to ensure that the remuneration of EISER is aligned with the PIDG Members’ development priorities as well as delivering financial returns.

EISER is an independent infrastructure Fund Manager which combines infrastructure experience with strong financial expertise. EISER invests in infrastructure assets in the energy (including renewables), transport and environmental sectors. EISER has assets under management of greater than €3.5 billion globally, managed both through fund and co-investment structures.

EISER makes equity investments in and provides subordinated loans and contingent lines of credit to companies and projects in the infrastructure sector. EISER’s broad knowledge and extensive relationships in the sector are instrumental in its ability to originate transactions, conduct cost effective and informed due diligence, structure bankable investments and manage assets. EISER is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

EISER has its headquarters in London and maintains an office in Johannesburg.